Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Movie review: The Corporation.

A few days ago I watched a very nice documentary: The Corporation. The movie explores the concept of corporation and (not surprisingly) discovers that the goals of humanity as a whole and the goals of corporations do not align well at all. It explains why that is so but does not offer a way to fix the situation - and I don't think it should. I think there will be some very interesting and surprising facts for everyone in this documentary, no matter how well educated you are. So if not for other reasons, you should see this movie for its educational value. And those who perceive themselves as critical thinking individuals should definitely watch 'The Corporation', because it will give you food for thought on a topic that few think about these days...

Main strength of the movie is that it (hopefully) will make people realize there is a topic here at all, something worth discussing and fighting over. Corporations are becoming (or have become) the primary way of producing goods in most economies, and most of us take them for granted, as something natural and inevitable. Perhaps this movie will make you realize that corporation is actually an unnatural and inhumane way to create necessary products for humanity, and therefore we need to either invent a new way, or do a better job at keeping corporations in check.

Main weakness of the movie is that it doesn't address one of biggest problems with corporations, namely that in USA and many other countries the corporations are allowed to donate huge amounts of money to politicians, effectively buying votes. So not only do we have a non-living entity being given many rights that are normally reserved for humans, these non-living entities are allowed to have a HUGE effect on the election results, much larger than any single voter, or even all the voters working in a corporation, could possibly have. Countries where corporations are not allowed by law to lobby politicians have a lot fewer problems with corporations sabotaging human population interests.

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