Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Everyone wants their own Bear Stearns.

Now that JPMorgan Chase received an Easter present of Bear Stearns (gift-wrapped by Fed in a $30 billion MBS swap), everyone else is (naturally) envious.

I work not far from Bear Stearns main building, and today there is some kind of protest going on there, with people in yellow jackets picketing on the sidewalks. Turns out, it is a bunch of angry homeowners:

My interest rate is 12 percent and I can't refinance," Gail explained.

Gail is joining a dozen other homeowners from Connecticut who are protesting the federal bail out of Bear Strearns. The company went belly up and has added to the ongoing mortgage crisis.

"They need to help people out too, not just companies," said Gail.

This makes perfect sense to me. Everyone has equal rights, correct?
Wells Fargo CEO obviously agrees with me, too:

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf said the financial crisis is presenting the bank with more acquisition opportunities.

"I would not be averse to a Fed-assisted transaction," Stumpf said in a recent interview with the San Francisco Business Times. "Fixer-uppers don't bother us."
Note to Fed: if you are gonna give out any more free lunches, please tell us where to sign up in advance, so that we don't feel left out next time.


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