Saturday, March 15, 2008

Look the other way!

So, more and more news are slowly coming out about Bear Sterns demise. Mostly it's the things you would expect, with Wall Street workers paralyzed with fear and uncertainty, Fed and other government officials running around with their hair on fire, etc.
Not interesting.
Looks like JPM is buying Bear after all - okay, saw that coming too. Fed must have offered some really sweet deal to JPM, maybe even full immunity to financial risks. Whatever.

Look the other way!
While Wall Street was getting a heart attack, I was intently watching the news for any sign of Chinese involvement. They are the guys with $1.6 trillion dollars. They can just make the whole thing go away. The crisis has been raging for 6 months now, yet Chinese did nothing!

If they are going to help at all, now is the time. And then I saw this piece:

Citic Securities Co., China's largest brokerage by market value, said the company ``can't guarantee'' that it will reach a final agreement on a proposed investment in Bear Stearns Cos.

This is it, folks. I guess China is not helping. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that China must have realized that this crisis may effectively eliminate USA as a super-power, and they are letting it burn.

Remember that China is practically the last big player who is still propping up our terminally ill dollar. If China goes from 'not helping' mode into 'let's nudge them closer to the edge' mode, the whole effing game is over. Instantly.

Be. Very. Scared.

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